BLOG 72 December 2011

2011 has been a very special and varied year for me in so many ways. It started with the birth of our first grandchild Leo Barnes in January and ended a few days ago with saying goodbye at the funeral of my favourite Uncle Bill who passed away peacefully a couple of weeks ago at the wonderful age of 104 years young. Both Leo and Uncle Bill have given us much joy this year and it just serves to remind us of the inevitable and wonderful circle of life.

I’ve done the usual amount of extensive travelling over the past year to Ireland, India, Korea, Spain, China, Turkey, Peru, Argentina, Holland and France. Some business, some holiday but all a pleasure. In May the Irish singer/writer I’ve managed for nine years, Ciaran Gribbin (formerly known as Joe Echo), took an invite to go over to Sydney Australia to write some songs with Andrew Farris of the legendary Aussie band INXS. Andrew wrote pretty much all of the bands songs with the ultimate rock star, the late Michael Hutchence. So Ciaran and Andrew hit it off, wrote three songs which the rest of INXS loved, he met the band and all got on well and in August they invited Ciaran to become the new lead singer with them

My good friend Maksim the brilliant Croatian classical pianist has just finished a several weeks tour of Japan and China which unfortunately I couldn’t do with him this time as there was no way I was going to miss Ciarans first shows with INXS in South America and I’m so glad I didn’t miss them. On Maksims tour I’m glad to say that the very lovely and talented sound engineer Derrick Zieba once again went out on the road with him. He kept me informed of all the gigs and how they were going and also all the usual Chinese equipment problems. But he coped as always and now, inspired by my own blogs, has just started his own at

I missed the ‘Old Boys Christmas Lunch’ last week in Barnes. I was returning from Paris the same day and it all got a bit late to make it. Quo’s John Coghlan rang me to say it was absolutely packed (probably a bit too packed) but all the usual suspects were there including Noddy Holder, Bruce Welch, Cliff Bennett, Mick Avory, Tom McGuinness, Donal Gallagher, Dave Hill etc etc. You should google up a few of these guys. Last month I went along to a Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Charity Boxing evening as a guest of Global Merchandising Services whose boss is Barry Drinkwater. Barry and his brother Keith were the very first on the road merchandise people involved with Quo back in 1970 and they went on to create Bravado Merchandising and became one of the biggest companies in the world in this area. Barry’s new company is about to do the same. Check out www.globalmerchservices.comand you’ll see what I mean. Last week I went to another annual Christmas Dinner with my friends who all had an association with the legendary Marquee Club in Wardour Street London. Had a great Chinese dinner at the Royal China Club in Baker Street. I got to walk down the street that evening and chat with the actress Julie Christie who is as beautiful as ever

I was disappointed not to get along to any of the gigs on Quo’s December Arenas Tour. INXS stuff took over but I know it’s been a huge success and Francis and I speak most days. Also I get reports from various friends and fallow Quo fans such as Philippe Duponteil and Ray and Gerry and Jurgen etc. Speaking of Jurgen Adametz I want to say a special big thank you for helping me keep my website going. He’s been totally invaluable and I’m so grateful for all his hard work. Cheers mate. The new Quo documentary is coming along brilliantly. I’ve been working on it as a consultant which I’ve been loving.

There’s also a lot of Status Quo rumours flying around and I’m happy to say many of them are true :o)

So I think it’s time to sign off for this year and once again say thanks for checking in and let’s all try and help make it a wonderful New Year.

Love and thanx
Bob x