BLOG 77 JULY 7TH 2012

Another month has flown by and unusually not quite so crazy but I’m sure not complaining.

Last week was the bi-annual Old Boys Lunch and was excellent as always. Many of the usual faces and a couple of new ones made it along. And the last ones to leave the restaurant at 6pm was me and my old mate Slade’s Noddy Holder, Quo’s John Coghlan and Dire Straits ex-manager Ed Bicknell who is never short of a good story….

I’m pleased to see that Olle Ostergard up there in Sweden has now got his Backwater fan club online and it’s looking really good… check it out

Also last week I went along to the annual Nordoff-Robins lunch now held at the Hilton Hotel in Park Lane. Do check out what they do if you haven’t already done so. It’s a wonderful music industry charity that I’ve always had the pleasure of supporting. Since their first Silver Clef Awards back in 1976 over £8 million has been raised from the Awards lunches alone. I’m also proud to have been on the original committee almost 40 years ago before the Charity even had a permanent base

Grandson Leo is now taking his first steps and bringing great joy into the lives of us all.

My artist Ciaran Gribbin is currently out on a lengthy tour of Australia with INXS His brother John is doing great too in New York where he’s living. His music is getting better and better all the time and I’m a big fan. Do keep checking him out…..

Last Tuesday I went along to Kew Gardens in Richmond to the Status Quo gig there. 7000 people there on a wet and miserable evening but the band soon had everyone with a smile on their faces. John Coghlan made it along and was backstage to chat with Francis and Rick as did the Quo documentary director Alan Parsons and Producer Alexa Morris. The doco is in the final stages of edit now and although I’ve been working on it for several months as an advisor I’m looking forward to seeing the final cut very soon.

The Fiji movie Bula Quo I reckon is going to be excellent. As well as quite a few of the Quo classic songs there are also several new songs being written and recorded for it and I think it’s going to surprise a lot of people. So another exciting thing to look forward to next Spring when its released in the cinemas.

For any of you Australian Quo fans out there you’ll know that ‘Down Down’ is the theme song for Coles Supermarket, the biggest chain of stores Down Under. It’s been running for an amazing two years and has now just started in it third. That song sure has had a good life and it’s now an incredible forty years since Francis and I started writing it in Los Angeles on the first American Quo tour.

So just a short Blog this time for a change but I’m sure the next month will have plenty to tell.

By the way thanks for the nice comments about me on the Quo website chatroom…..

Hope this crap weather isn’t spoiling your Summer in the UK and Ireland.

So catch up again next month.