BLOG 81 31st Dec 2012

So here comes the end of another year but more importantly the beginning of a new one. It’s been a pretty amazing 2012. Ciaran Gribbin has done us all proud. He joined INXS as their new singer in September 2011 and eight weeks later I stood in front of the stage in Arequipa in Peru and watched him win over 7000 fans of the band on his first show and two nights later headline to 30,000 fans in Buenos Aries Brazil. It was the start of what has been an amazing year for him and his wife Donna and son James. After 11 years working with him and with the support of his family and friends he’s proving to be the genuine talent we all knew he had in him.

And then we had the announcement that the original members of Status Quo would be getting back together for a UK tour in March after thirty years. It went on sale and the demand for tickets has been quite outstanding. To quote one of the bands song titles ‘Never Say Never’.

Following a great week in Los Angeles in October with Ciaran I went off to Australia for the second time this year on tour with him and INXS and soon after getting back home headed out on tour with my Croatian classical pianist friend Maksim, taking in Singapore, Korea and China with nineteen flights in twenty-five days.

2013 I’m really looking forward to. The recent news that our daughter Kirstie is having another baby in June is something pretty special. The Quo reunion tour in March should also be something quite special and memorable . The Quo movie ‘Bula Quo’ which was shot in Fiji will be hitting the cinemas around May/June. Ciaran is working on some exciting projects and loving living in Sydney and I can’t wait for my next trip over there.

So I’m wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year and thanks for still checking into my site and with a little luck I can keep it rolling along for another five years….