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As far back as I can remember I’ve collected memorabilia from my travels around the world. I’d come home from a tour and throw it all into boxes and forget about it for years. I’ve also been a bit of a scribbler, writing down all kinds of things I didn’t want to forget. Lyrics, diaries, poems, ramblings, memos, doodles, rubbish etc. A lot of this possibly stems from the fact that, pre-internet days, pen and paper were the tools we needed. On the road with Quo, as Tour-Manager, my job was to be ultimately responsible for everything that happened and to solve any problems that might arise hopefully before they occurred, not only on tour but also off the road in the day to day general activities of the band and writing everything down was an essential habit which remains to this day.
This section will contain a whole variety of personal memorabilia and some supplied by friends plus handwritten lyrics, poems, thoughts and various other combinations of words. The lyrics are mostly co-written songs and, while many of these here are scribbles in my own hand, the creation of them comes from both writers. It doesn’t matter if that’s 90/10, 70/30 or 50/50 it’s the end result that matters. Usually Francis will be playing guitar and I’ll be writing notes and we’ll both be throwing lyric and melody ideas around together. Sometimes we’ll sit, each with our own lyrics notebooks and bounce ideas off each other and eventually get to a master set of lyrics. (Maybe Francis will let me include one or two of the pages from his own notebooks sometime…..)
Micky Moody and I usually work in quite a similar kind of way.
Poems would also occasionally develop into song lyrics.
For example ‘Shifting Sand’ and ‘Unspoken Words’ started life as poems from ‘Alias The Compass’, as did Young & Moody’s ‘Close Your Eyes’ and notably Quo’s ‘Paper Plane’. Sometimes its good to see the development of song lyrics and hopefully you’ll find this section of interest.

FOREWORD to the french book "La route sans fins" by Ph.Duponteil and Ph.Robin

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various memorablia
1 - 8
various memorablia
9 - 16
various memorablia
17 - 24
various memorablia
25 - 33
various memorablia
34 - 42
Backstage pass Bombers
09th February 2012

1968 Entry in Roys diary

very rare acetate
Antique Angelique

very rare acetate

rare swiss poster

Rick Parfitts ticket
for the first
OZ Tour in 1973

Audio Facilities
"Don't Stop" part 1

Audio Facilities
"Don't Stop" part 2

USA 1974
first parking ticket

Diesel Band
signed press cutting

fan club card
from 1969

OZ Tour poster

Briefcase from the 70s

The Nikomat EL camera and lenses
& receipt bought in Japan on Status Quo's
first tour there in 1975

1979 Hotel rooming
list in Germany

1976 Glasgow Apollo

1989/90 Backstage
pass Bombers

boarding card
Airport China

working sheet for the
"Rockin' All Over The World" album.