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Photos No. 101 - 150

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All images Copyright Bob Young 2007

2006 with singer Kenny Lynch 2004? Walking with MW on a cold and misty day in the Malibu hills. 2003 in Cuba on the cigar tobacco plantation. 1976? One of the very early Diesel Band gigs at the Marquee Club in London. 2006 with my nephew Matthew on the London Eye. 1978? with Andy Bown in Barnes 1975 front page of the Music Week magazine. 197? Not sure where. Pic courtesy Jorgen Angel Jorgen has a lot of great Quo pics on his site. He also shot the very first Led Zeppelin gig amongst others. 198? Nice car - bad moustache... I bought this car, a Panther, off Rick Parfitt. Very impractical but a lot of fun (the car that is....)  1982 With 'that' kissogram again at rehearsals etc etc .

John Coghlan and Vlad The Impaler. 1976 Hair today gone tomorrow ;-) FR/BY taken at the Ahoy in Rotterdam (thanks for the pic Arjen...). 1977 But no idea which gig this is. Could be any one of hundreds A day at the races in Italy  with a few 'friends'...... 1978 Hilversum Holland during recording of the 'Whatever You Want' album. 1979 Hilversum Holland with Pip Williams I think this was taken in Germany around 1979 1979 Wisseloord Studios Hilversum Holland. 2006 with Slade drummer Don Powell 2006 in Cornwall

1981 son Jamie. See if you can spot the difference between this and Photo 2. 2006 daughter Kirstie. Its those Cuban dancers again….. 2007 Milan and a hard days shopping. 2007 Kirstie’s friends. 1979 somewhere in Germany somewhere... 1992 Diesel Band in Sweden. 1991 Minhinnett Young & Moody in Sweden. 2003 Taken in Cuba with Michael Watt (seated) and brilliant jazz pianist/writer Barney McAll

The Diesel Band in Guernsey, Channel Islands. 2008 Leo Lyons from Ten Years After and Philippe Duponteil in Belgium. 1979 somewhere in Germany somewhere... 1992 Diesel Band in Sweden. 1991 Minhinnett Young & Moody in Sweden. and here's my sister Jane in Sydney on Simons new Harley. 1981 kool kids L-R Sam, Kirstie & Jamie on holiday in Newport Beach California 1973 with Sue and Jamie in Dulwich where we lived in an £8 per week flat beneath the Rossi’s. . 1980 with Kirstie & Sam .

1992 at the Orient Express 2006 with a couple of legends L-R Reg Presley and Noddy Holder. another famous Diesel Band line-up. 2002 with Simon Porter on the Ark Royal. 197? - another famous Diesel Line up 2004 - another day walking in the Malibu Hills. 1975 - Bob in USA; Jurgen in London. Me with Sam 2004 - Sue Young and Dave Watson. 2007 - at the Costa Brava, Spain