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Photos No. 301 - 350

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All images Copyright Bob Young 2007

2007 italian nephew Matthew and his Grandfather Angelo Boccardi. 1968 wedding day with friend Caroline Pitkin 1978 YMCA...? Jamies wedding day. Jamie relaxing after a Groove Armada gig 2008 my webmeister living dangerously 2008 with Joe Echo Irish legend Michael Keeney  
Five Irish singing legends The Six Pedros 
My Uncle Bill

at the Forest National in Brussels 14th December  
1975 circa 1964 playing in the Folk & Blues Club in Basingstoke 2005 son Jamie with Michael Keeney
1982 Sammie, Kirstie & Jamie at the house in Newport Beach California
2001? walking in the hills in Tucson Arizona 1972 with Sue and Jamie 2003 in New Zealand with the plane we hired 2007 daughter Kirstie going for  a hole in ten....
1973 Rick and Francis at a german Festival

2006 nephew Matthew Boccardi with his grandfather Angelo early seventies Quo photo 1981 son Jamie
 1970 Francis somewhere
2007 with Sue and Phillipe Duponteil at Wembley Arena.
Some of the hotel room keys I forgot to return. Get ahead, get a pass. 1981 at the house in Newport Beach, California. 2007  in a wine cellar in Italy.
 2007 in Egypt.

2007 still in the wine cellar in Italy.
5th November with John Coghlan at Quos album launch and auction at Bonhams. 2008 with Neil Warnock and James Herbert at Quos album launch. Status Quo band tour bus 2007
. inside the Status Quo tour bus Part 1. inside the Status Quo tour bus Part 2. inside the Status Quo tour bus Part 3. Francis bedroom on the QUO tour bus. 1966 Evil Eyes in Sweden
. 1966/7 The Evil Eyes.

2008 my good friend James Herbert. Vertigo band promo shot. 2008 at a party in Liverpool Vertigo band promo shot. 2008 Mr and Mrs Joe Echo. 2008 with Maxim in a nightclub 2008 in my office 2007 The three wise men.. 2008 Le Manoir a hotel near Oxford 1982 Rick in the music room/office of my old house in Purley