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Update: 3 poems added on the 9th August, 2011

And For A Bonus Of Ten

Tweeds and Another Bad Day


And if I fall
We protoge
Las Vegas 73
Unspoken words
Neath the thread
  Never throw away
  Alas, but seasons
  Close your eyes
  Hand of love
  Move closer
  S.Quo labelled
  Los Angeles 73
  Just you and me
  In colour too
  Take a breath
  El Paso 73
  In between love
Short & Sweet
Southern Summer

Spike the deal
or aunty drop

To a friend

Summer smiles


London and things

Next Please

Away from it all

I missed a flight

The other side of..

Heavily on the runway

The Barrier

A Flight Away


The Warmth of your
distant Presence

From a hotel evening

On we fight

Gentle as the voice

Turn the page

Solo Bubbles

Beneath the flame

Words just for you

  Verses One to
  Four in Love

   Snow flake

A year in the life

Coffee and a
quick wish

  Here I sit

And for a
Bonus of Ten

But Seriously
Happy Birthday!

Do I still
surprise you?

Floating words

With no more than a second thought

I am a Window


In 'Thirty-Nine'

Highways on the Sun