Young & Moody double CD album 'Back For The Last Time Again'

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Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Don't Wanna Lose You Now
2. Someone Else's Door
3. I Thought I'd Seen It All
4. You Make It Roll
5 Leave Well Alone
6. Save All Your Loving (with Ray Minhinnett)
7. Don't You Tell Me To Go
8. Chicago Blue
9. The Suitcase
10. How Can I Help You Tonight
11. San Francisco Bay Blues
12. Trying Not To Notice
13. I'll Be Back
14. Chained To Love (feat. Willie Finlayson)
15. Sunrise To Sunset
16. Young And Moody
Disc: 2
1. Too Young To Feel This Way
2. All The Good Friends
3. Four Until Late
4. The Devil Went Down To Georgia
5. Caroline
6. Just Close Your Eyes
7. Warm Winds
8. Playing Your Game
9. El Paso Days
10. Seventh Sea
11. Blues Been Fun
12. Don't Do That (feat. Lemmy, Cozy Powell, The Nolan Sisters, Ed Hamilton)
13. Straight To The Point
14. Svensk Blues (with Ray Minhinnett)
15. Fine Fine Fine
16. Noon Time Lover
17. I'm Going Away

CD Description
A few years before guitarist Micky Moody began his illustrious career with Whitesnake, he was playing with Snafu, who were supporting Status Quo on a 1975 tour, and he struck up a friendship with Quo's tour manager, songwriter and harmonica player Bob Young (co-writer of Caroline and various other biggies), the two sharing eclectic musical tastes and an oblique sense of humour. Over the years, taking time out from touring with their respective bands, they made a couple of albums and several singles, which drew on their love of blues, country, funk and other influences. This 2-CD set brings together for the first time a definitive anthology of their recordings, selected and compiled by Bob and Micky themselves. It includes four previously unreleased tracks, the tapes literally discovered in Bob's garage, including a wonderful blues version of Caroline .
About the Artist
If we'd known we were going to live this long we'd have taken much better care of ourselves.

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