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All images Copyright Bob Young 2007
 1982 - Rick with my daughter at my old house in Purley  1983 - at the Fastbuck StudiosChiswick   1982 - Rick with my daughter at my old house in Purley   1976 - with Francis Rossi looking silly and happy    1969 - in Belgium with John Fanning  c1975  in Los Angeles with Rick and Francis   c1976  Quo crew Slug, Cass, Nipper, me and Mal     c1971 in Germany a rare photo of Gerd  c1973  A rare photo of some of the first Quo wives  1977  in Japan (I think) Another quiet night in...

 1973 on the first Australian Tour with Slade  1968  with Rick, Francis and fans. I think this was at a college in Oxford where the Quo played. 1973  in the swimming pool of The Travel Lodge in Hollywood with Francis, Rick, Alan & Colin during the first American tour. c1977 Hawaii Airport. John, Rick & Francis and in the background Lighting Designer George Harvey   c1978 Hilversum Holland recording studios. Enjoying a romantic waltz with the Mad Turk….. 1979  picking up Gold Albums for ‘Whatever You Want’ in Holland?  1971 a very early live performance of ‘Gerdundula’  c1977 Iain Jones and Mal Craggs with a few Quo guitars 2002 on the HMS Ark Royal with Quo's agent Neil Warnock & Duroc Mgmt. PA Persha Sethi  c1974? a festival somewhere

1975 front page of the Music Week magazine. 197? Not sure where. Pic courtesy Jorgen Angel Jorgen has a lot of great Quo pics on his site. He also shot the very first Led Zeppelin gig amongst others. John Coghlan and Vlad The Impaler. 1977 But no idea which gig this is. Could be any one of hundreds 1978 Hilversum Holland during recording of the 'Whatever You Want' album. 1979 Wisseloord Studios Hilversum Holland. 1979 somewhere in Germany USA tour 1975 2002 with Simon Porter on the Ark Royal. 1978? - Me and Rick

1969 - two youngstern on the way to pop history. 1979 - maybe.....somewhere... 1971 - Germany with Gerd in the foreground. 1980 - Rick in my music room possible Glasgow Apollo 1978 - in France 1973 - at the Travellodge Motel Hollywood. 1976? - Tune to the music.... 1975 - Stockholm  Grona Lund 1968 a TV show in Belgium

1973 - on the first American tour. with the Mad Turk somewhere.... 1969 - an early band picture 1973 - Singapure Airport. 1973 - Francis and Rick with roadie Slug on the way to Australia. 1972 - Francis me & Simon on holiday in Cornwall. 1973 - first OZ tour. 1969 - Francis and Sue Young. 1973 - Rick outside the Travellodge Motel Hollywood first US tour. 1973 - in Oz.

1976 - BY and FR on holiday in Climping 1979? - at a german airport. 1973 - Me on harmonica somewhere.... 1979 - JC and Francis in a studio in Holland maybe. 197? - Not sure where...... 197? - Not sure where...... 1979? - at a german airport. 1973 - Me on harmonica somewhere.... 1978 - with Pip Williams in  studio 1979 with Francis, Rick & Pip in the studio in Holland.

Quo's agent Neil Warnock with a slightly 2002 - with Neil Warnock at the HMS Ark Royal 2008 Philippe Duponteil with Francis & Rick. 1973 Just off stage at a big outdoor gig on the first Oz tour 1975 In Lanzarote when the Rossi's & Young's were on holiday. 1968 band photo 1973 Waikoto New Zealand on the first OZ / NZ tour. John Coghlan and the car he sponsored in the 70s 1970 Status Quoand the old fella 1977 Another bum shot with Alan.

at the Forest National in Brussels 14th December  1975 1973 Rick and Francis at a german Festival early seventies Quo photo 1970 Francis somewhere Some of the hotel room keys I forgot to return. Get ahead, get a pass. Status Quo band tour bus 2007 . inside the Status Quo tour bus Part 1. inside the Status Quo tour bus Part 2. inside the Status Quo tour bus Part 3.

Francis bedroom on the QUO tour bus. Vertigo band promo shot. Vertigo band promo shot. 1982 Rick in the music room/office of my old house in Purley
Holland at the 'Whatever You Want' album launch. 1969 Quo publicity photo A classic seventies Francis Rossi shot. Francis and Father Christmas. 1969 Francis in some dodgy little gig somewhere. Mid seventies Rick somewhere

Rick coming face to face with the Madame Tussauds waxwork head of himself 1977 This was in Studio Bohus Gothenburg. 1975 Rick and me in Stockholm at a gig.