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Easy when you‘re number one
Everybody says you‘re having fun
Smiling for the public eye
When your body says it wants to die
Living on an island
Oh boy we had some fun.









Now then, where were we before I got interrupted over a year ago? Oh yes I remember now. Something to do with me building a new website. Well the good news is it’s 75% ready and the bad news I’m still too busy to finish the last 25%. It will be called Bob Youngs Vault and my partner in it is the very talented Adrian Cross who some of you will know has worked with me on the design of several books and also been responsible for some great Quo merchandise designs in the past few years.

So more about that soon and in the meantime my old Webmeister Jurgen Adametz has been getting lots on enquiries about what’s happening with my new site so I’ve decided, in the meantime, to put a bit of life back into here at least until the Vault is ready to go live and hope there are still plenty of you still interested in the life and times of this old roadie. The Vault will include for the first time a shop containing a lot of a lot of new and original designs on T-shirts and various other items using images from my private collection of memorabilia. As many of you will have guessed there are quite a few boxes of stuff (and not only Quo) and it’s time for this old hoarder to start getting rid of some of it. Yes it’s time to have a clearout…

So what have I been up to in the past couple of years? As always there’s been plenty of interesting new projects and business, foreign travels, another book and more planned, a ‘new’ album, new songs and getting ready for 2017 etc etc.
I’ll write a long Blog on this site over Christmas as there’s too much to squeeze into this front page. And of course Quo has had a very ‘interesting’ 2016 and I’ll be writing about.

January 16th 2017 is the 60th anniversary of The Cavern Club in Liverpool (1957-2017). It’s quite rightly called the most famous club and all the greats have played there from the Beatles, Stones (and Quo) to the Who, Adele and Joe Bonamassa. I’m putting together a brand new official limited edition coffee table book with Adrian to celebrate the occasion. More news on this in my blog soon but in the meantime if you go to click on the link and check it out and if you like it order it quickly as it will be limited to just 1957 copies.

In a couple of weeks on January 13th I have the re-release of my 1986 ‘Quo Country’ album on the Cherry Red label. It has seven bonus tracks not on the original album and (although I’m biased) I have to say it’s a great CD package. I was really fortunate to put together such a great band all those years ago including guitarists Micky Moody, Albert Lee and Billy Bremner. It’s now called ‘Back In Quo Country’ and is now available via Amazon or iTunes or directly from Cherry Red Records and the first 50 orders will be signed copies.

Thanks again and nice to be back here online….


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