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updated 03.10.2017

updated 03.10.2017

Here I am busy and late again with my website update as always. 2017 has been a bit of mixed bag of a year so far and in no particular order: Ricks funeral on January 19th was, as expected, an emotional day with just family and friends of around sixty people. His passing certainly took a lot of the wind out of my sails as I know it did for many people around the world… I’ve lost several friends and family over the past two years and it certainly doesn’t get any easier.

Do check out the wonderful music of SSHH ( ). Zak Starkey and Sshh Liguz began writing and recording together just a few years back and have now developed into this totally original and exciting live band. Zak fits this all in between his day job as The Who’s drummer although with SSHH he plays guitar and Sshh is a real no bullshit star.

I met up recently with Ciaran Gribbin ( who was over in the UK from Oz to play a gig that happened to be in Manchester in a venue next to the Arena on the same night as the sad and shocking bomb attack. We too had to evacuate and a night I’ll never forget.

I went along in May to Brighton to the best selling thriller writer Peter James launch of his new book ‘Need You Dead’. ( ) Peter is an old friend who I met around 25 years ago through my great buddy and the 80 million selling author the late James Herbert. If you haven’t yet done so then check him out. Also in May I took a trip to France with another good mate Michael who co-owns the famous Ronnie Scott’s jazz club and is an international theatre producer amongst many other important things. We went to visit one half of Groove Armada, Andy Cato, who has a working organic farm near Toulouse where he lives with his family when he’s not flying around the world doing gigs. Saying this doesn’t do it justice and only tells a tiny part of the story so please do take a look at It’s very special….

Went to West Wales with Sue and our old buddies Arthur and Dorothy Wickson who have a lovely cottage on the coast. There was lots of wine and walking and for me a highlight was a visit to Laugharne where the poet Dylan Thomas wrote much of his work. A stunning location and well worth a visit ( )

The Cavern Club 60th Anniversary limited edition book I’ve been working on with the Club owners and designer Adrian Cross for what seems to be forever is now almost ready for print and will be available in the next couple of months. It’s great value and well worth having in your collection of any music fan. As there will be just 1957 copies printed it might be an idea to get think about ordering early ( ) – a nice Christmas gift also I reckon….

And the Butlins Quo Convention gets closer I’m told it’s likely to be a complete sellout so anyone thinking about going should start making a decision before its too late. I had a fun weekend on the first one in 2015 with lots of old familiar faces and a happy and well behaved crowd so when Quo Fan Club secretary and Convention organizer Yvonne asked if I’d like to come along to this one in October and do a Mick Wall Q&A with John Coghlan and (if he came over) Alan Lancaster, as I was planning to be in the UK that month I figured why not? I then thought it might be interesting to see if Micky Moody was up for doing a one off Young & Moody gig. Knowing everybody there would be fans of Quo and Whitesnake and they’d know Micky and I had done a lot of stuff together over the past forty odd years they might enjoy the music. I’m pleased to say he agreed and so we recruited our old mate Graham Preskett, a multi-instrumentalist who played on the first Young & Moody album and also my Quo Country album and other things. Micky’s other half Ali Maas who’s a great singer came on board and Micky’s son, a drummer, was a natural choice to ask along. Should be interesting…..

I’ll be quicker with my next site update and thanks for the patience of my old webmeister Jurgen Adametz.


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