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These photos have been chosen completely at random and Iíll try and explain something about each one whenever possible. Many of these family, friends and associates will no doubt show up in other photos on a regular basis as time goes on. Hopefully they will all eventually give a small insight into the people Iím fortunate to know (and have known) and places Iíve seen (while still only scratching the surface).

All images Copyright Bob Young 2011

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Nov 2012 Sydney Australia with Alan and John Fanning, Quo's original Tour Manager who I took over from in 1968.
2011 Sydney  my niece Chelsea Cole 
Nov 2012 Sydney Entertainment Centre with INXS singer Ciaran Gribbin and the legendary Oz writer and media presenter Glenn A. Baker Nov 2012 London Classic Rock Awards 
2009? Groove Armada with the late and lovely tour rep John 'The Beast' McBeath

1979?  A rare pic. L-R me, Sue, Linda Nolan, stunt bike rider Eddie Kidd. Also in photo Rick Parfitt, Pip Williams, Kevin Godley 2011 Sussex walking with good buddy Michael Watt and his son Jamie
2012 A day out at Ascot racesÖ. and why not :) I should be so luckyÖ 2011  Amsterdam  Ciaran wowing the crowds with INXS

2012 Leo Barnes
2012 Australia  Ciaran and INXS
Nov 2012  Palm Beach Sydney with Ciaran and James Gribbin
Nov 2012  Palm Beach Oz with Ciaran and Donna Gribbin April 2012 Fiji Francis and Rick with the 'Bula Quo' movie film crew
December 2012 in China
 The Frantic Four by Rob Fletcher 1976 Stockholm JAMES HERBERT OBE  8th April 1943 - 20th March 2013 x Francis Rossi and Dave Ling of Classic Rock magazine

1976  Quo Gothenburg  (pic courtesy Olle Ostergard) March 2013  London  Edward Soronellas (author of the Spanish Quo biog) with Alan Lancaster and me Feb 2013 The Troggs legend Reg Presley funeral 2013 Grandson Leo March 2013 Quo Reunion Tour Manchester behind the curtain. Drum technician and good geezer Lance Miles 15th March Hammersmith Apollo (pic courtesy TPI Mag)  Feb 2013 Egypt  Son Sam and girlfriend Amy 16th March 2013  Me with Alan Lancaster and my old mate David Moores March 2013 Quo Reunion Hammersmith Apollo

March 2013 with Alan Lancaster Hammersmith Apollo